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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hamilton New Zealand

roadside fruit and veg stall...can you guess where we are ay?
It's been a while since I last posted.

We're on the road again in New Zealand. We flew Air New Zealand direct to Auckland and then flew in a tiny 19 seater to Hamilton.
The first thing you notice around here is the green. There must be plenty of rain here. Also, gorgeous blue hydrangeas and blue and white agapanthus line the roads.
gorgeous tree ferns on the steep slopes of the river in Cambridge

bridge at Cambridge

found this stray on a park bench

view towards the town of Cambridge
We had a car for the afternoon on Tuesday and drove to nearby Cambridge which is also a lovely green with beautiful tree ferns.
My camera is beeing difficult so no more photos until I can work out what is wrong!!!

Cricket started yesterday. It was only about 26 degrees but really humid and felt hot. Today is clear and sunny with 30 expected. That's a heatwave here.
I went to the cricket yesterday and met people I'd chatted to 10 years ago here. Off again today. I can manage going just before lunch and leaving at tea. There was lots of Aussie cricket bashing going on around me but I guess you can't blame them.
There are more restaurants/pubs/cafes than shops here. No shortage of nice food, wine and coffee.
Rod Tucker is on field umpire with Daryl and Roshan Mahanama is Referee. Gary Baxter from Christchurch is 3rd. We had a nice meal out on Thursday where we all celebrated the Harpers' 38th wedding anniversary.
Kelly, Tim and Kate are still overseas and it has been great to be able to talk to them on Skype.


  1. hi there first time on your blog, it is Heather from Adelaide.. ... ooohh I have such fond memories of our trip to new zealand spent 2 weeks there a few years ago and my high-light was standing on the top of Mt. Cook just amazing place so lush, natural and spiritual ... sounds like you are having a ball too... hugs x

  2. Hi there...thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog, so had to come over and take a peek at yours! ;-) Some gorgeous photo's and such an awesome place....definitely on my "bucket list". I am a new follower on your blog too....
    Denise x