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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adventures in Dubai

Ian and Sue's first night in Dubai...Kosebasi Restaurant
Sue's new preferred transport!
We've been out and about a bit more, having Kelly, Sue and Ian here. We took them to the Mall of the Emirates where they were stunned by the  indoor Ski Dubai. That night we went to Happy Hour and then over to the Kosebasi for yummy Turkish style meal outdoors, followed by stroll around the markets. 

Our driver, Osman
 On Wed night we took part in a Desert trip with Arabian Adventures. D and I moved in to the Grand Hyatt, with the rest of the cricket officials and players. We were picked up at 3 by an Arabian Adventures car, Sue, Ian and Kel already on board, and headed off for the desert. After about 45 min we arrived at the edge of the desert conservation park where the tyres were let down and we waited for the other 39 vehicles to arrive. (Yes, 40 cars) We soon started an hour of hooning around the desert, up and down, sideways with lots of squealing. When I say hooning, it's controlled hooning and the cars are often quite close. We took lots of blurred photos, some of backs of heads, the roof, the windows covered in sand during a slide. Kel was the one who felt most queasy (I took a tablet before leaving) but survived. We think we had the craziest driver!!!!
Spotted at the Camel Race track on way to desert: camels training with their yellow robot riders which are controlled by owners in cars on other side of railing
up close and personal
desert adventurers after 30 minutes...time to calm the stomachs

desert sunset

The sunset was magnificent. This was followed by more rough riding and we arrived at the Bedouin camp at dusk, just in time for camel rides. More photos in my next update.

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